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My Story

I am an art, design and engineering leader with a 16-year career creating popular tools and platforms to empower humans on two planets and across an improbable set of domains, including space exploration, graffiti, augmented reality, architecture, fashion technology and viral media.

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The Work

The EyeWriter

The story of the low-cost technology that enabled a legendary graffiti artist to diss his ALS and disrupt the medical eye-tracking industry. With the GRL, F.A.T, Open Frameworks, Not Impossible and Parsons.


Build Your Own EyeWriter



A tool to enable graffiti writers to tag skyscrapers with a laser.

Download the Open Source Code

@ the MoMA

40 NYC graf writers tag the MoMA for Design and the Elastic Mind.

MoMA collection Video Torrent

LED Throwies

The Original open source platform to upgrade your city.

Make your own throwies

Train Bombing in Europe

The Boom Bike

A ghetto blaster + a pirate ship = the GRL Boom Bike.

Boom Bike Open Hardware



Enter the era of circuits painted on walls, aka. bomb threat graf.

Build your own PCB

The first GRL project


Wearable computing with a splash guard and $15,000 fine.

Open Hardware Instructions

Light Criticism

Advertising is the vandalism of the fortune 500. With the AAA.

More from Steve Lambert/AAAA

Night Writer

This was the beginning of Crime 2.0. Which was similar to Windows 8.

Build Your Own NightWriter »

A Diplomatic Resolution is all the photos uploaded to Instagram from within the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, aka North Korea. The website is a part of the Korean Pavilion, A Crow's Eye View, which won the Golden Lion at the 2014 Venice Architecture Bieniale.

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Data Studies on Github

Collect your own with IFTTT


A commission for Intel + Vice Magazine's Creators Project in Seoul to innovate the light-bulb.

More @ Creator's Project


A commission for the Creators Project: Lighting inpired by traditional korean rice straw egg packaging.

More @ Creator's Project


A Korean traditional + state-of-the-art technology mashup and media architecture startup, 2011-2012

Nasa Factory on YouTube


Custom made interactive lighting system for DJ Magazine's #9 Dance Club in the World.

Read more about Octagon

Download the code on Github


The Free Art & Technology Lab is the unsolicited guerilla marketing wing of the open source movement.

The Lickers

A documentary about the end of occular-centrisim in the fine arts.

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FAT vs. Google II

"The Internet is the largest experiment involving anarchy in history" ~ Schmidt

The Story on Gawker

FAT Gold Review on the Verge


You will listen again and again and again and again and again...

Learn more at Tortureclassics.com

GRL: The Movie

The story of two salarymen who quit their jobs to invent the geek graffiti underground

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A comic about my 10 days in a Chinese prison. Coming in 2015.

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FAT vs. Google I

Keeping the most powerful digital company in check. Using cardboard.

Build the Google Streetview Car

For Less Irony Watch on Vimeo